Madonna and Child - NG Art Gallery

Priscilla was recently invited to participate in a show at Sydney's NG Art Gallery, based around the theme of 'Madonna and Child'. Choosing to focus on traditional Madonna and Child images as personal icons to worship, and the notion of Madonna as a model woman and mother, Priscilla made 2 new works which will become part of the Epilogue the the Making the Empire Cross series. One image Madonna in the Wild depicts the Madonna (played of course by the beautiful Cherry Wang) sitting in a garden of exotic plants and common weeds (including the succulent Mother of Millions) - a meditation on the notion that God's love is for all - even those who are marginalised. The other image Arizona Madonna is a contemporary adaptation that ponders the question: What would it be like if Jesus were born today?

Madonna and Child runs from 11 March - 5 April 2008. More information can be obtained from


Posted on March 8, 2008